[Interest] Qt5 on MSVC2008, Win7x64 (Tier1)?

brett at stottlemyer.com brett at stottlemyer.com
Wed Jul 11 00:00:50 CEST 2012

> Since the thread slowed down, here's the summary (for posterity):
Thanks for the unofficial poll and the summary.

Would you mind a suggested addition, though?  At least one other person
besides myself mentioned win ce support.  Can you add to your summary that
only VS2005 and VS2008 support CE?  Using newer versions of visual studio
aren't an option if you support these systems, and I know KDAB is working
on a lighthouse/qpa plugin for CE 7/WEC7 for Qt5.

Don't mean to sound like a squeaky wheel, but this is an important point
for us in this situation.


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