[Interest] Qt5 on MSVC2008, Win7x64 (Tier1)?

Charley Bay charleyb123 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 00:22:38 CEST 2012

The following revisions are made to the summary, included below:

  *- I misunderstood the Windows CE issue, which is only supported by
MSVC2005 and MSVC2008 (not MSVC2010);

 *- I "kind-of" thought MSVC2005 desires were less-important, as it was
old, and does not support many C++ features (e.g.,
"template-member-functions"), and didn't provide value beyond that which
was provided by at least MSVC2008.  However, for targets like WinCE, I now
understand MSVC2005 is still important for some product

Hi, All--

Since the thread slowed down, here's the summary (for posterity):


MSVC++2005:(1-2) : XX
MSVC++2008:  (7)  : XXXXXXX
MSVC++2010:  (6)  : XXXXXX
MSVC++2012:  (2)  : XX

** More Notes/Comments **

  - 2005 was stable and fast, miss that
  - Supports WinCE

  - Multiple Qt4 products on 2008, very slow to convert to 2010
  - Supports WinCE

  - some new C++11 features
  - currently intended as Tier-1 for Win7x64
  - Does *not* support WinCE

  - would-be-nice for more C++11 features
  - appears to address some concerns about 2010
  - may not install MSVC2012 until SP1 comes out
  - intended to be supported for Qt5 at some point, unsure of configurations
  - Does *not* support WinCE (?Likely Not?)

  - several developers (3+) using both MSVC2008 and MSVC2010 to support
existing products, cannot move entirely to MSVC2010 (yet).

 - several developers (2+) using MSVC2005 and/or MSVC2008 to support
existing WinCE products, cannot move to MSVC2010 (WinCE not supported on
MSVC2010, KDAB is working on a lighthouse/qpa plugin for CE 7/WEC7 for Qt5)

  - MSVC is best-in-the-industry for "integrated-debugging", but concerns
exist about future-of-MSVC in-general

Final comment:

I agree with Bob that the MSVC-integrated-debugging is the
best-in-the-industry (the main reason we use it), and also agree that I'm
quite concerned about the future-of-IDEs and the (stupid) Web-ification
(!!?? "Developer-Facebook-Points" for generating every possible

It seems like users dealing with existing-product-support are "straddling"
both MSVC2008/MSVC2010 for multiple internal Qt4 products, where more-work
would be required to fully migrate to MSVC2010 (i.e., to drop reliance upon

Another important "straddle" is the developers targetting WinCE, which are
limited to MSVC2005 or MSVC2008, as WinCE is not supported on MSVC2010.  KDAB
may have specific comments on targetting WinCE, as they are reportedly
working on a lighthouse/qpa plugin for CE 7/WEC7 for Qt5.

There seems to be some interest in moving to MSVC2012 to get new C++11
features.  For example, we would skip MSVC2010 entirely and move from
MSVC2008 directly to MSVC2012.

We happen to be running "Win7x64" as an operating system, but only need to
generate 32-bit applications.  (So our "target-configuration" is for 32-bit
apps on 64-bit operating system, we deploy the same binaries to other
32-bit operating systems.)

I realize this is an "unscientific" poll.  I'm not advocating at this time,
so I didn't further pursue this topic (such as by posting a "Poll" in the
qt-project forums).  Vendors might consider doing that to ensure supported
platforms appropriately target their user base.

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