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I wasn't going to say it but I'm glad you did. That response of his had me scratching my head. 

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Am 19.07.2012 um 17:57 schrieb <song.7.liu at nokia.com>:

>Thanks, finally the DOM is used for this case, thanks ;)

What do you mean for "this case"?! And I assume you're referring to the (deprecated!) QDomDocument API.

Well, that *still* doesn't make your example valid XML (not even valid HTML): in case QDomDocument doesn't terribly throw up and spit out your input then either because its more error-forgiving than I thought, there's a bug which doesn't detect the garbage input you're feeding it with - or you are simply /ignoring/ the error it raises!

In any case, what would you expect would/should be the generated output? An empty DOM node named "title Hello" (not possible, refer again to the link I sent previously: whitespace is NOT part of a "tag name"!)?

Or a DOM node with an unnamed (!) attribute? Or a text DOM node with content "Hello"?! Not going to happen...

So better fix the input (and/or your code)!

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