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Absolutely true.
<condition data="sunny" />  <-- you need to call elementNode.attribute("data")
<condition>sunny</condition> <-- you can call readNodeText() or elementNode,text()

One is an attribute, the other is a text node of an element node. You need to read up on XML if you do not understand the difference. w3schools.com is a good, quick reference

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Thanks for the reply!

I tried QXmlStreamReader to parse xml like:
            <condition data="sunny" />  
            <temp_f data="52" />  
            <temp_c data="11" />  
            <humidity data=" 33%" />  
            <icon data="/ig/images/weather/sunny.gif" />  
            <wind_condition data="strong" />  

By using  readElementText () to read the content of “condition” from <condition data="sunny" />, that will return a null string .
If change the xml as  <condition> “sunny” </condition>, right string will be returned.

Best regards!
-Jiang wenjun

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I don't know that that is valid XML.

Your options are:
<title some_attribute_name="Hello"/>

Otherwise what you are dealing with only looks like HTML.
You might run it through a converter.


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Can the Qt XML handle the content as below ?

<titleHello />

Any help is appreciated ;)


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