[Interest] Is Nokia officially done with Qt?

Linos info at linos.es
Sat Jun 16 12:20:20 CEST 2012

El 16/06/12 12:05, wargand at gmx.de escribiĆ³:
>> Let's wait for a proper official statement from Nokia about the
>> future of Qt.
> Haha, no, definitely not. Official statements from Nokia have exactly 
> the same value as the braindead ramblings of a clairvoyant on LSD.
> Guido
> _______________________________________________

So your constructive plan is...? Other than try to hurt the credibility of Nokia
and his employees i mean.

I hope the better for Qt developers, we don't know still the official plans of
Nokia for Qt, but if Nokia announce that his roadmap don't include Qt anymore i
wish that Qt and his developers get transfered to a new company interested on
the development of Qt (Intel, Samsung, RIM, etc..), Qt it is indeed a very good
technology that can be of interest for many companies and his developers are
top-notch so i would like they could keep working on Qt.

Miguel Angel.

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