[Interest] Is Nokia officially done with Qt?

wargand at gmx.de wargand at gmx.de
Sat Jun 16 12:33:08 CEST 2012

> So your constructive plan is...? Other than try to hurt the
> credibility of Nokia and his employees i mean.

I don't hurt the credibility of Nokia or Nokia's employees.
This is something they can do much better than anyone else
ever could.

As I wrote, no disrespect agains the employess, but they do
not know much more than we do. They are lied to, and since
it is their jobs, which are at risk, they even light lie to

And my constructive plan? Just to continue to use Qt regardless 
what Nokia's official statements are. I don't think it is 
vanishing in the next time. The only difference is that Nokia 
hardware won't play a role in my plans anymore.  

> I hope the better for Qt developers, we don't know still the
> official plans of Nokia for Qt, but if Nokia announce that his
> roadmap don't include Qt anymore i wish that Qt and his developers
> get transfered to a new company interested on the development of Qt
> (Intel, Samsung, RIM, etc..),

I know of plenty who already left. Long before the official layoffs
began. So much for their trust in a future with Nokia.

> Qt it is indeed a very good technology

It is a great technology. Just seperate Qt from Nokia. For me Qt has
nothing to do with Nokia anymore, so I don't care for Nokia's 
credibility are all. I has none left.

> that can be of interest for many companies and his developers are
> top-notch so i would like they could keep working on Qt.

Yes, you can hope that, but you have to plan otherwise.


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