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On 29 February 2012 19:08, Mandeep Sandhu <mandeepsandhu.chd at gmail.com>wrote:

> > This would happen, if lets say we start a child process using QProcess
> from
> > main application and don't start the event loop of main application.  Now
> > when child process stops, since main apps event loop is not running, it
> > doesn't receive the finished hence no one deletes the child process
> object
> > on heap. Now if you run ps in terminal, you will see child process as
> > defunct.
> When you say "no one deletes the child process object on heap", I
> assume you mean the QProcess instance on the heap. If the child
> process exits, why will the OS show it as defunct? The parent process
> is still running (due to the infinite loop) and it's child exited
> (normally or abnormally does not matter), I don't think thats what is
> happening.
> >>
> >> I  am trying to create a pre-emptive queue in which each item is a
> >> download of different priority. In code above Class1 is a
> downloadmanager
> >> which runs a forever loop and using mutex and waitcondition I wait for
> new
> >> upload being added to queue. Now if a higher priority download is added,
> >> current ongoing update has to be stopped. I used QProcess instead of a
> >> thread, to start the download because killing a QProcess is neater. Now
> >> problem is when an ongoing download ends i.e. its process ends,
> >> downlaodmanager should receive a finished signal so that it can process
> >> another download in queue.
> Is this 'download' over a network? If so why do you need a separate
> thread/process for it? Have you looked at Qt's networking classes
> (QNetworkAccessManager, QTcpSocket etc)?? They provide async API's to
> do network IO. You can still manage your 'premptive queue' based
> download with it. When a higher priority download is queued, you can
> always 'abort' the ongoing download and start the new one and whne
> this one finishes, you can restart the abort one (or whatever your app
> logic demands). Will that work  for you?

Yes, download is over a network. I used thread/process because download
process is very time consuming and I have to continuously check for other
kinds of downloads. Yes, I can download using  QNetworkAccessManager but
then all download will have to be done in either a thread or a process
because it is time consuming.

How can I use processEvents in my class process app events?


> -mandeep


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