[Interest] Finished signal from QProcess!

Mandeep Sandhu mandeepsandhu.chd at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 13:22:08 CET 2012

> Yes, download is over a network. I used thread/process because download
> process is very time consuming and I have to continuously check for other
> kinds of downloads. Yes, I can download usingĀ  QNetworkAccessManager but
> then all download will have to be done in either a thread or a process
> because it is time consuming.

How does that matter? Even if the download takes long, becaue the QNAM
API's are async, you will get a notification when a download
completes. You can then use the req url, stored in the QNetworkReply
object you got when you dispatched the request, to figure out which
request got completed. I still don't see a case for a separate
thread/process for just the download part (maybe I'm missing some

> How can I use processEvents in my class process app events?

Umm not sure what you meant here. Why do you manually need to call
processEvents? Are you blocking your event loop somewhere or are you
worried that the time-consuming download will block your event loop?
(the download won't block your event loop).


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