[Interest] Eclipse-like docking window?

jaume dominguez faus jaume at land.aau.dk
Mon Mar 5 09:17:29 CET 2012

Hi list.

I have been playing around with the QDockWidget and QMainWindow. I can 
easily dock and undock widgets on the borders of the main window. But 
I'm interested in having an environment where you can freely add, move, 
remove internal views anywhere. Exactly something like Eclipse does. 
Eclipse has a default layout that is initially shown, but the user can 
easily redistribute all the views at wish.

I couldn't manage to have my application to behave like that with 
QDockWidget and QMainWindow. Docking in the center does not seem to be 
possible. Does anybody know how can I manage this? Any previous effort 
towards this?


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