[Interest] PySide Becomes a Qt Add-on

Matti Airas matti.p.airas at nokia.com
Tue Mar 6 15:23:45 CET 2012

PySide [1] has now finished migration from its previous standalone setup 
to Qt Project [2] infrastructure.

Being a Qt Add-on provides PySide a permanent home and perfect alignment 
with Qt Frameworks. Furthermore, the project gets improved visibility, 
as well as a simple, carefully thought out meritocratic project 
structure. In addition to the wiki that is already hosted by Qt, the 
PySide mailing list [3] and the bug tracker [4] are also now hosted by 
Qt. More information on the Qt Project can be found on the project web 
site [2].

The PySide project now follows Qt Project's governance model [5]. The 
Maintainer for API Extractor, Generatorrunner, and Shiboken is Marcelo 
Lira. The Maintainer for the PySide component is Hugo Parente Lima. 
Paulo Alcantara is an Approver for PySide. All other project roles are 
informal. Srini Kommoori has kindly volunteered to be the webmaster and 
wikimaster for the project.

To developers using PySide the migration is mostly transparent. PySide 
is still available under the same licensing terms, and the project 
facilities are still the mostly unchanged. Instead of having a separate 
Bugzilla instance, the PySide project now utilizes Qt's Jira bug tracker 
[4]. Also the mailing list address has changed to pyside at qt-project.org 

Qt Project uses Gerrit [6] for code reviews. Developers contributing 
code to PySide should do it using Gerrit from now on. Read-only access 
to the git source code repositories is still provided via Gitorious [7].

*About PySide*

PySide is a Python Qt bindings project initiated by Nokia. PySide 
provides access to not only the complete Qt framework but also Qt 
Mobility, as well as to generator tools for rapidly generating Python 
bindings for any
C++ libraries.

The PySide project is a Qt Add-on, sharing the same infrastructure and 
governance model as the open Qt Project itself. PySide is developed in 
the open, with all facilities you would expect from any modern open 
source project such as all code in a git repository [7], and an open bug 
tracker [4] for reporting bugs.

[1] http://www.pyside.org
[2] http://qt-project.org
[3] http://lists.qt-project.org/mailman/listinfo/pyside
[4] https://bugreports.qt-project.org
[5] http://wiki.qt-project.org/The_Qt_Governance_Model
[6] http://codereview.qt-project.org
[7] http://qt.gitorious.org/pyside

Best regards,

Matti Airas

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