[Interest] Qt Assistant can't search

David Ching dc at dcsoft.com
Wed Mar 14 01:13:37 CET 2012

>Thanks, David. That's what I tried. I tried removing everything and adding
it back.
> I tried removing everything, closing Qt Assitant, re-starting Assistant
and adding
>everything back. I tried it more than once, and with some details thrown in
>setting it to a blank page before removing everything. My search still
doesn't work.
>I'm wondering if there's an index file somewhere that I can trash in order
to force
> the index to be re-built.

Hmm, I used the Windows utility Process Explorer to see which files
Assistant.exe has open.
Lookee there, e.g. 


Look in your Home directory for *.qhc and *.qhc.  
Try deleting the directories containing these files.


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