[Interest] qt5 shapshot - not git or guitorious

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Thu Mar 15 20:25:27 CET 2012

On 15.03.12 10:01:30, Jason H wrote:
> I am looking for a snapshot of Qt5 but not from git or guitorius do to the fact that git does not work through proxies, or rather, the proxy setup where I am at.
> Talking about http_proxy and the like is off-topic. Been there and for various reasons, it won't work FOR_ME.
> So I am looking for a snapshot of Qt5. The thing is if I were to use the snapshot from gitorious, it breaks and times out, not to mention that grabbing "qt5" only gets the top level and not the subdirs.
> So where can I get a source snapshot, old school style?

The Gitorious Website provides links to download the repository as
tar.gz. You'd have to download the individual components though and
combine them manually.


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