[Interest] qt5 shapshot - not git or guitorious

Kristoffersen, Even (NO14) Even.Kristoffersen at Honeywell.com
Fri Mar 16 10:40:35 CET 2012

On 15.03.12 20:31:28, Jason H wrote:
>The init-repository script assumes git:// urls. I found the URLs in .gitmodules.
>I had to change the URLs to:
>url = [https://git.]gitorious.org/qt/qttools.git

>where the part inside the brackets is modified it would be *really*cool* if this was specifiable, or if >HTTPS_PROXY is specified that it is autmatically changed to not use git://

Both git and ssh is blocked at my place of work and http is rather unstable for me for some reason.
I made the init-repository -http option use https:// instead and it worked rather well.

Check the %PROTOCOLS key map in the script and just change it there.

Or, if you want a more permanent solution, it should be pretty easy to add -https as an option in the script as well. In addition to adding it to the protocols key map and parameter check, you just need to add a clause to the if where it's checking ne 'http' for webkit in the git_set_submodule_config subroutine.

Hope that helps!


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