[Interest] Does it really worth it?

josemaria at gomezvergara.es josemaria at gomezvergara.es
Tue Mar 27 14:14:35 CEST 2012

> Op 27-3-2012 12:40, josemaria at gomezvergara.es schreef:
>> I would like to dedicate all my energy to only one technology during the
>> next 3 years. I was thinking to do a useful thing and to be honest I was
>> thinking in doing some kind of a good chart library for Qt. The thing is
>> that I dont really sure if Qt has a really good future.
>> I mean. Nokia bought it but when everybody was expecting how nokia was
>> going to use it in their mobiles and tables, they left it and took
>> Microsoft for that. Now, it is a open project, what is good, but my
>> question is... how can I know if Qt will be alive in 2015? Should I
>> dedicate energy to create some kind of
>> http://www.steema.com/teechart/vcl.
>> Do you think that there is customers enough to support it?
>> Thanks in advance for your time and opinions
> First of all: don't expect the Qt community to have a non-biased
> response to such a question. That includes yours truly.
> I think most of us would agree that Nokia's communication about the role
> of Qt in it's mobile phone stragegy has been... eh... lacking. I have
> good confidence, based on bits & pieces and statements from people I
> trust, that there is a good place for Qt still on that front, but nobody
> can say for sure. The question you'll have to answer for yourself, is if
> Nokia's commitment to use Qt will influence your own position? 3 to 5
> years is a long time in computing, and it is hard to see what the future
> will bring. 3 years ago, few would have predicted the postion tablets
> now seem to gain in the market, and fewer would have believed those
> predictions.
> I think there is plenty of reason to trust to building on Qt, and I and
> many other people here make a living doing so. But there is no guarantee.
> Perhaps you should ask your question broader, and weigh it against your
> alternatives. What is a viable alternative to Qt for your goals?
> André
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I see what you mean. More than alternative, I would say that Qt lack of a
good chart library. QWT is not a serios alternative.

Cocoa could be an alternative.. It lacks as well....

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