[Interest] Does it really worth it?

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Concerning chart libraries and Qt, Qwt has already been mentioned but I would like to
mention KDChart (http://www.kdab.com/kdab-products/kd-chart/) as well, which is, 
to my mind, a better alternative than Qwt, since it's taking advantage of Model/View
architecture and is really convenient to use, with a nice API.

I'm using it on a personal project and I can say it's working very well.

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I would like to dedicate all my energy to only one technology during the next 3 years. I was thinking to do a useful thing and to be honest I was thinking in doing some kind of a good chart library for Qt. The thing is that I dont really sure if Qt has a really good future.

I mean. Nokia bought it but when everybody was expecting how nokia was going to use it in their mobiles and tables, they left it and took Microsoft for that. Now, it is a open project, what is good, but my question is... how can I know if Qt will be alive in 2015? Should I dedicate energy to create some kind of http://www.steema.com/teechart/vcl.
Do you think that there is customers enough to support it?

Thanks in advance for your time and opinions

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