[Interest] Simple code to remove backgruund noise from audio sample

Sven Anderson Sven.Anderson at snom.com
Wed May 30 14:00:27 CEST 2012

On 26.05.2012 08:52, Arun Kumar wrote:

> I am developing one simple audio processing application in C++ using
> Qt.It can record audio from microphone. When I play the recorded sound
> there is lots background noise in it. Is there any simple code I can
> remove the background noise from audio sample
> I tried to replace zero to the below audio sound but the recording
> coming through choppy and I searched in net for noise reduction methods
> found some algorithms that all are very difficult to understand and
> implement in my code
> Any code sample will very helpful to me

There is no simple code for something like this. Only stuff like 
normalizing or phase shifting is trivial. In general audio-processing is 
something one would normally not code from scratch but instead use one 
of the many DSP libraries. Try this for instance:




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