[Interest] QtCreator seems to ignore the "qmltypes" file (Qt 4.8.3)

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On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 9:56 AM, Koehne Kai <Kai.Koehne at digia.com> wrote:
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>> Hi,
> Hi Mark,
>> I'm using QtCreator 2.5.84 (beta for 2.6).
>> I'm trying to let QtCreator highlight and complete the plasma qml
>> components.
>> This is what i did:
>> In the qmldir for the plasma components (core and components) i added:
>> typeinfo plugins.qmltypes
>> Then i generated a plugins.qmltypes in the same folder where the qmldir is
>> also placed using the command:
>> qmlplugindump org.kde.plasma.core 0.1 /usr/lib/kde4/imports >
>> /usr/lib/kde4/imports/org/kde/plasma/core/plugins.qmltypes
>> And i did the same for the org.kde.plasma.components package.
>> Obviously in it;s own folder with also the qmldir file edited.
>> However, QtCreater keeps giving me "unknown component (M300)" even
>> though i can run it perfectly fine.
> Can you check out the contents of the "General Messages" pane in Qt Creator? Does it print anything related to qmltype parsing?

Just tried that out. No info is appearing in there at all.
>> I'm using a qmlproject file and added /usr/lib/kde4/imports to the
>> "importPaths" variable.
> Maybe something's broken in the processing of custom importPaths. I'll put it on my TODO list, but maybe you can also file a bug report to bugreports.qt-project.org, qt creator, QML Tooling component? This ensures it's not forgotten ...

Thank you for that :)
And here is the report:
Also a little QtCreator 2.5.2 info in it. It seems to have the same results.
> Regards
> Kai
>> I can't seem to figure out what i'm doing wrong..
>> Cheers,
>> Mark
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