[Interest] [Qt-3d] QT + MCVS 3D

Thomas Senyk thomas.senyk at pelagicore.com
Tue Nov 6 17:21:07 CET 2012

First of all, this was the wrong mailing-list as this is not related to Qt3D.
I've switched to interest.

On Tue, November 06, 2012 06:54:46 AM Monshay Cutler wrote:
> I created a GUI using QT. I inserted QT libraries in MCVS. The GUI
> works on MCVS. I created a 3D environment using MCVS and I am trying
> to integrate the GUI I created in QT to the MCVS 3D (OpenGL). Is it
> possible that I need to download something or code my GUI to link it
> to the MCVS 3D?

I've no clue what MCVS 3D is and how it works :)

Integrating Qt into this might be a bit difficult, you would need to write your 
own platform-plugin (as all others will create native-surfaces for Qt)

Anyway I think you want to integrate MCVS 3D into your Qt-UI.
Please correct me if I'm wrong.

If that's the case, it highly depends what Qt technology you're using for 
you're UI

	- you need to sub-class QGLWidget
        .. this means you're using a native-OpenGL-surface for MCVS 3D

       - sub-class QGraphicsItem/QDeclarativeItem
        .. you can either have a FBO or call the MCVS 3D painting-code
		directly (again I got no clue how this works

QtQuick 2.0/SG:
	- sub-classing QQuickItem 
		... you have to use FBO for your MCVS 3D

Please provide further information if you need further help.

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