[Interest] Carbon/Cocoa - browserplugin

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Fri Nov 9 09:29:31 CET 2012

09.11.2012, 01:49, "Alexander Carôt" <alexander_carot at gmx.net>:
>>>  I am working on updating the qtbrowserplugin in order to make it running
>>  with current Qt versions. Regarding the MAC version that requires a Cocoa
>>  version besides the current Carbon solution. In order to get started:
>>>  When trying to compile the current version I get these errors:
>>>  ../src/qtbrowserplugin_mac.cpp: In constructor
>>  ‘QMacBrowserRoot::QMacBrowserRoot(OpaqueControlRef*)’:
>>>  ../src/qtbrowserplugin_mac.cpp:55: error: ‘HIViewGetWindow’ was not
>>  declared in this scope
>>  You are using Cocoa Qt instead of Carbon.
> Of course I do and as mentioned previously I now want to get this example working for Cocoa, which obviously requires a number of changes. So - actually the questions is what are the Cocoa-equivalet calls ?

I never used Carbon, but I believe there's no 1:1 mapping between these APIs. You'll have to rewrite platform-specific code from sratch in Objective-C.


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