[Interest] QtCreator seems to ignore the "qmltypes" file (Qt 4.8.3)

Mark markg85 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 23:12:47 CET 2012


I'm using QtCreator 2.5.84 (beta for 2.6).
I'm trying to let QtCreator highlight and complete the plasma qml components.

This is what i did:
In the qmldir for the plasma components (core and components) i added:
typeinfo plugins.qmltypes

Then i generated a plugins.qmltypes in the same folder where the
qmldir is also placed using the command:
qmlplugindump org.kde.plasma.core 0.1 /usr/lib/kde4/imports >

And i did the same for the org.kde.plasma.components package.
Obviously in it;s own folder with also the qmldir file edited.

However, QtCreater keeps giving me "unknown component (M300)" even
though i can run it perfectly fine.

I'm using a qmlproject file and added /usr/lib/kde4/imports to the
"importPaths" variable.

I can't seem to figure out what i'm doing wrong..


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