[Interest] Qt Service Framework in Qt 5 Beta Release 2

Lincoln Ramsay a1291762 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 15:37:03 CET 2012

On 15/11/12 12:13 AM, Miller, Doug wrote:
> It was painfully noted that Qt Service Framework has been moved out of the core release in Qt5 Beta Release 2 after being there since alpha.  Was it updated and put back into the Mobility project?

There is no Mobility project. That pre-dates Qt 5 and was aborted in 
preference to moving those modules into Qt itself.

Service framework remains where it was. Perhaps at some point modules 
that aren't part of Qt will be moved around on gitorious and on gerrit 
but for now, it's not going anywhere.

> Is this a signal that it may be no longer supported in the future?

This is a signal that it's not supported now. There is no full-time 
maintainer for the code and it's not important enough for Digia to put 
someone on it. They have less resources than Nokia did and they didn't 
get any of the developers responsible for service framework.

However, that doesn't mean it stops working. There are people interested 
in it and as long as those people have the time to maintain it, it will 
keep working.

> I'm concerned because a whole product has been built with it as the framework.

Similar concerns have been voiced by people who used other modules that 
have been dropped from Qt. I guess the response is the same.

If you are using the code, please ensure you upstream and fixes or 
improvements you make. If you want someone else to maintain it, find 
someone or pay someone. If you're a commercial customer, leaning on 
Digia may help but only if enough people want them to develop it further.


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