[Interest] QGraphicsView regressions on Mac in Qt 5(beta 2)

John Weeks john at wavemetrics.com
Mon Nov 26 18:08:38 CET 2012

On 21-Nov-2012, at 8:08 AM, Björn Piltz wrote:

> 6. Stacking order of OpenGL widgets aren't respected in MDI mode.

This isn't new. From the QGLWidget documentation in 4.8 (and maybe earlier):

" On Mac OS X, when Qt is built with Cocoa support, a QGLWidget can't have any sibling widgets placed ontop of itself. This is due to limitations in the Cocoa API and is not supported by Apple. "

> 7. The resizing corners of the subwindows are almost impossible to hit.
> QTBUG-26162

This isn't new, either, but it sure is annoying! It doesn't have anything to do with QGLWidget, all QMdiSubwindows are like that on Macintosh. They need a size grip added.

> I'd obviously appreciate seeing these issues fixed for a better Mac experience;)


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