[Interest] Aligning QProgressBar inside a QSplashScreen

Jan Kundrát jkt at flaska.net
Thu Oct 4 12:44:21 CEST 2012

On 10/04/12 02:08, Alex Malyushytskyy wrote:
> And I still do not see a reason to prefer Q_ASSERT over Q_CHECK_PTR
> when checking pointers for NULL, even though I would change the
> default message it prints to mention "NULL pointer" instead of "out of
> memory".

That's the reason. I expect Q_CHECK_PTR's error message is not going to 
change, so in my opinion it's better to get 'ASSERT: "foo"' than "out of 

But if you're accustomed to Q_CHECK_PTR and don't like Q_ASSERT for some 
reason, just use whatever fits your needs better.

> at least on Windows you might get not NULL pointer as a result of
> memory allocation even if  process is out of memory and only attempt
 > to use it will have result in exception thrown.

A typical behavior of Linux is similar; by default, you have memory 
overcommit enabled which means that allocation returns a valid pointer 
but further access will likely result in a SIGSEGV.

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