[Interest] Mac OS X / QTreeWidget::itemActivated() not triggered on Enter/Return?

R. Reucher rene.reucher at batcom-it.net
Sun Oct 7 12:20:01 CEST 2012


I just found out that in contrast to Linux and Windows, using the Enter or 
Return keys on Mac OS X doesn't trigger the itemActivated() signal of a 
QTreeWidget (that's the specific use case here, however, it's apparently the 
same for ALL views).

I understand that on Mac OS X Enter/Return are probably used for different 
things (i.e. to enter 'edit-mode' if a view has editable items), but even 
long-term users of Mac OS X seem a bit confused that the item-activation 
doesn't happen through Enter or Return.

Note that I also tried Qt Assistant to see that this is not an issue of my 
application but most likely _wanted_ behavior.

Now, to solve this "issue" for my users, I would need to know which key / key-
sequence is used on Mac OS X to activate an item in a view (instead of 
Enter/Return)???! My application allows users to remap key-sqeuences, so if I 
knew the respective sequence, the user could change it.

Also, I'm using Qt 4.8.3 in case it matters.

Thanks in advance, René

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