[Interest] Qt 5 and Mac App Store

Matilainen Pasi pasi.matilainen at digia.com
Fri Oct 19 09:59:25 CEST 2012


I had a look at the status of Qt 5 on OS X regarding issues with Mac App
Store that were encountered in 4.8. It's looking quite good generally.

File dialog crashes inside a sandbox have been fixed with a patch similar
to the 4.8 one, so Qt 5 apps can run inside a sandbox without issues. Of
course, there are other things that would be nice to have inside a
sandbox, like support for the recent files API. There have been some
patches for that, but nothing has been merged yet.

Global settings can be stored in an application-specific settings file in
Qt 5 (on OS X), so the issue with applications writing to
com.trolltech.plist can be avoided. The fix is different from the 4.8 one,
I'll see if I can get Qt 5 to behave more like 4.8 here (at least to avoid
using com.trolltech.plist when the application runs in a sandbox).

The fix for updating the state of "Show All" etc menu items in the
application menu is also in Qt 5.

The private API access issue in WebKit still exists. The workaround is to
build WebKit without HTML5 video support, as far as I know there aren't
any better solutions. Of course, there's still the issue that Apple may
reject copies of WebKit from the Mac App Store.

Hopefully there aren't too many new issues with the App Store in Qt 5.
No-one has probably submitted any Qt 5-based apps to Mac App Store yet,
doing a "test submission" at some point might be a good idea.

Pasi Matilainen
Qt Commercial R&D

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