[Interest] Heavily Commented Example: Simple Single Frontend with Two Backends

Bo Thorsen bo at fioniasoftware.dk
Sun Oct 21 20:02:12 CEST 2012

Den 21-10-2012 09:16, d3fault skrev:
> 1) To be a good starting/reference point for Qt beginners. I'm trying
> to combat the misinformation on how to use QThreads that the outdated
> docs have embedded into so many brains.

There's nothing wrong with doing that, but it would be even better to 
submit a patch to the documentation.

Also, I've seen this statement several times before, and it's wrong. The 
documentation could certainly be better, because it's not the best 
approach that's described there. But it's *not wrong*. I'll use that 
approach whenever it suits my needs, and the other approaches when that 
makes sense. The biggest problem with the documented approach is that 
new Qt coders are always surprised with the parent-child relationship 
around the thread. If a coder understands this, it's perfectly fine to 
use the documented approach.

If you set out to correct the documentation, you should make it better, 
not go from one one-sided way of thinking to another.

Bo Thorsen.

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