[Interest] New Wayland compositor made with QtCompositor

Pier Luigi pierluigi.fiorini at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 13:12:26 CEST 2012


I would like to share with you my work on a Wayland compositor and desktop
shell made with QtQuick and QtCompositor and is using a set of components
for QML to draw panels and widgets.

You can find some screenshots from the Google+ page:



The compositor is called Green Island and it's part of Hawaii a desktop
environment developed with Wayland in mind for (but not limited to) Maui, a
Linux distribution for desktop computing.

The idea behind Maui is to avoid traditional packages, the system provides
a minimal image with kernel, systemd, connman and other core programs, the
desktop environment and its dependencies and it's built from a set of git
repositories from master or specific branches. Applications will be
installed from bundles.

Modules for the Maui distribution are here:


Modules for the Hawaii desktop are here:


You can find the code for Green Island on Github:


Hawaii can be built and used in other Linux distributions too, this is why
it has a dedicated Github page.

At the moment my activity is focused on Hawaii, more precisely I'm
implementing some of the ideas me and the designers had.
The efforts undertaken recently will result in the release of the first
development version soon.

Green Island has a desktop shell but a different shell may be loaded
through plugins for example one may write a dedicated UI for tablets, this
is because I feel that a UI should be made for each device and form factor
in order to take advantage of its peculiarities like screen size and input

More screenshots will be published during this week and Arch Linux packages
for x86_64 are almost ready.

If you want to try it you don't have to wait for packages, to build the
desktop from sources there's this repository:


it fetches all git submodules and lets you build all the software in the
right order provided that you have satisfied the dependencies (CMake
2.8.9+, Mesa, Qt 5, libxkbcommon, Wayland 0.95).

Due to qtwayland requirements you need specific libxkbcommon and wayland
versions until the port to the stable API is over:


This project is still young and needs your contributions, if you believe
that a lightweight desktop environment and yet powerful, with attention to
details and usability is possible this is a project you most certainly
would want to take a look at. Green Island could also become the reference
Qt-based compositor with your help.

Out of the box experience
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