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Satya Praveen Ganapathi praveen.s at hmie.co.in
Fri Oct 26 10:47:58 CEST 2012



I have a listview with highlight following current listitem.


I need one small change to this listview, on key up/down pressed I want to keep the highlight constant and move list items up and down respectively.

Do we have any property setting for such functionality in Qt 5.0 ? I tried "move" in listview but it dint work for me.


Please share the links if any......!


Do  share code samples if any. 




                                                List Item 1  ß Highlight (constant)

                                                List Item 2

                                                List Item 3

                                                List Item 4


On key up pressed   

                                                List Item 2   ß-- Highlight (constant)

                                                List Item 3

                                                List Item 4

                                                List Item 5           


On key down pressed   


                                                List Item 0  ß-- Highlight (constant)

                                                List Item 1

                                                List Item 2

                                                List Item 3







Satya Praveen

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