[Interest] Model/View issue: omit model-entities in qml-view

Tim Bienias tim.bienias at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 29 17:12:13 CET 2012

Hey guys,

let's say we have one QAbstractListModel consisting of animals in c++.
There are water- and land-animals within the model. Now i want to create a
view that does show (1)only the land-animals and a view with (2)only the
water-animals. There is also a view (3)with some water- and some
The views are made with QML/Quick2.
How can I achieve this? Is it possible to access just some animals of the
model and show them, or does a view (ListView or whatever) show all animals
from the model?
Otherwise i have to create 2 models - one consisting of water-animals and
one of land-animals, but that's not what i want and it still would'nt solve
Please give me a little hint or link.

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