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"Alexander CarĂ´t" alexander_carot at gmx.net
Thu Sep 6 13:28:03 CEST 2012

Hello all,

an update regarding the qtbrowserplugin-examples: There are very obvious problems with most current Qt versions and I will write a summary about this very soon. If possible I also would like to update the project and wonder if this is possible at all and who at Nokia has the responsibility for that.

In short: After another extensive round of iterations, triple-checks and after having applied changes to the code I previously mentioned I can report this:



With Qt4.8.1: The build works out but the browser crashes when the plugin is loaded (all required lib are found). Downgrading Qt to 4.5.x solved the problem and the plugin works, however, the browser window has to be minimized and then maximazed again in order to show the content properly.


Plugin does not show up in the list of available plugins.


Plugin shows up in the list but does not execute when launched.


In terms of distribution it does *not* work to copy the required libs into the Mac-plugin-bundle and changing the search path with install_name_tool. The result is that libs are not found and nothing happens (neither an error message).



After having figured the dependencies with dependency walker I copied the required libs into the same folder and finally the plugin worked fine even with Qt4.8.1. Nevertheless, in terms of distributions it makes more sense to build Qt statically in order to have the required libs already linked statically into the resuling plugin DLL.

Other browsers and the LINUX versions will be tested later.

Thanks to anyone helping me so far !

Best regards



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