[Interest] tiny fonts in linux

Rollastre Prostrit rollastre at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 13:22:19 CEST 2012

Thanks Nikos and Soroush (you replied to me instead to the list).

I can't really explain why it happened. But I removed the QtCreator's 
configurations and create another one pointing to the same place and 
fonts are back to normal again. Strange because I wasn't using anything 
related to Qt. I think I will have to blame my cat :-)


On 09/08/2012 10:29 PM, Nikos Chantziaras wrote:
> On 08/09/12 21:19, Rollastre Prostrit wrote:
>> First of all, excuse me. I bet this has been asked many times. I
>> searched the answer without success, however.
>> In a kubuntu (12.04) my own applications I write with QtCreator (2.4.1)
>> and Qt (4.8) are suddenly displaying tiny fonts and they weren't earlier
>> today. They are so small that it is not possible to read them. Does
>> anybody know what can be happening or how it is fixed?
>> btw: don't know if it related, but Google Earth has done so (I mean, to
>> show tiny unreadable texts) since the beginning.
> Google Earth has this problem with its own, bundled copy of Qt.  If
> you're using Ubuntu's Qt libs, you shouldn't have this problem.
> Do other Qt apps have the same problem?  Try "smplayer" for example.
> Other than that, it could be a DPI problem.  What is your screen's DPI
> as reported by X11?  You can find out with:
>     xdpyinfo | grep resolution
> Try changing it to 96:
>     xrandr --dpi 96
> and then start the application again.  If that seems to help, you should
> configure X11 (or your graphics driver) to use a correct DPI.
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