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1) I cannot dock two Docking Widgets next to each other, ie

This is possible.


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felix felix <felixover at gmail.com> wrote:

Hello everyone,
> I am in the process of porting an exiting program from MFC to Qt for my company.
> The one requirement is: the GUI of the new port should be as similar as possible to the old one, as to reduce time and cost of introducing the new version.
> Having worked with Qt before, i knew this a was a reasonable request. So for a couple of days i walked around the building bragging about how Qt supports everything one could wish for, and how awesome it is
> in general.
> A mistake, as it turns out.
> The program i am porting makes heavy use of "Docking widgets". Now, prior to bragging about it, i had checked Qt supported it, too. 
> It does, of course, but apparently with certain limitations.
> 1) I cannot dock two Docking Widgets next to each other, ie
> <dock1><dock2><mainWidget>...
> 2) there are no docking hints. (the arrows you get when you, e.g., drag a pane in Visual Studio)
> 3) there appears to be a limit on the width of docking widgets, if a widget`s minimum size is bigger than this limit, it cant be docked at all.
> 4) i cant change the arrangement of tabs in a multi-dockwidget tab bar easily, ie. without un- and re-docking the widget.
> 5) i cannot control the appearance of the tabbar created when multiple docking widgets are joined together, specifically,i cannot find how to place a close button on each tab.
> Clearly, this is a bit of a bummer when i need the interfaces to be as similar as possible.
> The up-side: some dude from some other company has heard my desperate cries, and claims they are running a private application written in Qt that does all these things!
> He wont send me a copy of the app, though, but i can attach a screenshot...which indeed looks promising.
> Is there any way i can do the above thing with Qt?
> How did the developers of that other app do it?
> Are they using an external library? If so, which one?
> The Qt documentation, several forums and other programmers have stood me up on this one...any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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