[Interest] Distributing custom qt build to a group of developers

Adam Light aclight at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 01:03:40 CEST 2012

My company currently has a Subversion repository for Qt that looks like

The /qt directory contains a git checkout of qt.
The /install subdirectories contain the compiled frameworks/dlls for both a
debug and release build of qt.
The /build/macosx directory contains all of the object files generated when
compiling. These seem to be required to be able to step into qt code using

When a new version of Qt is released, I checkout that tag in the /qt
directory and then rebuild Qt using certain configuration settings. I then
commit all changes (the new frameworks/dlls, object files, etc.) to the
Subversion repository. Other developers at my company can then update their
Subversion checkouts so they have the new version of Qt.

This works pretty well except that it requires checking a lot of binary
files into Subversion, and both committing the files and checking them out
is very slow. The size of the working copy is also extremely large (this
can be addressed partly by using Subversion's sparse checkout feature). The
repository on the server is also quite large.

We use this process in part because some developers use not-so-powerful
machines (and/or Windows virtual machines) on which compiling Qt can take
multiple hours. Furthermore, as long as everyone runs svn update when I
build a new version of Qt, we know that we are all using the same version
and libraries.

But I wonder whether there is a better way to handle this. How do other
groups handle this? Using the binaries and/or SDK available for download is
not an option for us because we need different configuration options and we
sometimes need to patch Qt's source to fix bugs that have not bee fixed in
Qt's git repository.

Thanks for any ideas.

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