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BogDan bog_dan_ro at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 9 08:20:41 CEST 2013


  Let me know if you'll need write access to eXaro's repository.

  For Qt5, I have big plans for eXaro, I'd like to share with you only two of them:
 - integrated report designed in QtCreator.
 - db-aware controls (QML and QWidget based).

Sadly I can not begin the work on it until Qt 5.2 will be out, all my free time is used for Android port.
Be aware that this will be a project developed in my free time ( because I'm pretty sure that
nobody wants to sponsor it :) ! ) , so, I can not give you any due date !


>Hi Muhammad,
>Well, to be honest I wasn't able to make CuteReport work, not in linux neither windows, but it looked very cool. 
>I debugged CuteReport and I saw that one plugin was not loaded and I told that to the creator, I did not have an answer.
>I think that BogDan is very bussy with android and he probably is short of time to invest in eXaro, we can make eXaro work the way you said.
>I am more interested in eXaro.
>Best regards.
>On Apr 8, 2013 9:26 PM, "Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi" <mbnoimi at gmail.com> wrote:
>On 04/09/2013 01:40 AM, Luis Valdés wrote:
>>Hi Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi,
>>>I am interested in report solutions as you, I tryied all the solutions you listed, you can try CuteReport from sourceforge as well.
>>Thanks Luis, I read the description and saw the screenshot, it seems awesome specially it has the two parts I talked about before (the engine and the GUI designer)... I'll give it a test and add it to comparison list along with eXaro and OpenRPT.
>>Could you please share with us your test with CuteReport?
>>If BogDan can create a linux binary will be very helpful, BogDan you did a very good job, I did not take the time to send you an email to say thank you.
>>>Muhammad I would like to join you if you want to work on porting eXaro to qmake and create a better documentation.
>>>If you are interested please let me know.
>>Actually I asked BogDan to port eXaro to qmake in addition to zero dependency source code package.
Best Regards,
Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi
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