[Interest] Oops! Somebody's got a bad case of dependency bloat!

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Wed Apr 10 22:18:57 CEST 2013

Perhaps another solution:
- Either someone can develop a script that can do it and repackage it so the a team can get their source from an internal team member, in which case Qt-Project may be (if it gets accepted) packages that tool; thus only one person has to have PERL installed.

- (If necessary) purchase a commercial license from Digia and talk to them about having those special releases for their releases commercial customers, that is part of why you buy a commercial license.

Don't know what Lars or Thiago thinks about the above, but that would seem (to me) to be the best solutions available.



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>On quarta-feira, 10 de abril de 2013 14.19.58, Michael Jackson wrote:
>> <rant>
>>  Hey Thiago,
>>    Nothing personal here but leave your *personal* feelings out of the
>> development environment. Yes we all have our favorites and we all have ones
>> we don't like but at least *respect* the idea that Qt is developed on ALL
>> of them and that EQUAL attention should be given to all the platforms. I
>> suggest you fire up a Windows machine, make yourself a "normal" user, don't
>> give yourself access to anywhere OTHER than your home directory and bring
>> up a development system. You will then see why some of us complain about
>> having to jump through hoops that NEVER should have been in there to begin
>> with. Oh yeah, and they don't have access to places like gitorious or
>> bitbucket because their firewalls stop it cold.</rant>
>Hi Mike
>I respect your opinion and I understand your concerns. After reading some of 
>the replies, I begin to understand some of the challenges. Especially the one 
>about the licensing of ActivePerl.
>But note what I said is not exactly a personal feeling. It's the conclusion of 
>a software professional with 7 years of experience doing cross-platform 
>development. And this professional's opinion is that Windows is *not* a 
>welcoming operating system for developing, not when standard tools that we 
>take for granted on other OS are missing.
>No, we tolerate Windows and put up with its quirks. You can say that 
>"tolerate" and "put up with" are personal opinions. A more professional way of 
>saying it would be: Windows remains a very important operating system for us, 
>but due to limited manpower available, there's only so much we can do to 
>support the extreme differences between it and all the other OS (they're all 
>UNIX). We'd rather spend the manpower in higher-priority tasks.
>I also call into question giving a developer such a locked down system. If an 
>employee needs a given tool to accomplish a job, give it to them. Don't make 
>the employee work around the issue and waste their time.
>What you said about Gitorious and other Git repositories reminds me of a 
>developer who needed that for his *job* and their IT people would not / could 
>not provide a solution. Why should the Qt Project create workarounds? Who's 
>going to pay for the sysadmin time spent on setting up the solution, 
>monitoring it, and for the static IP assigned to that one use? Give the 
>employees the tools and means that they need to accomplish their jobs 
>effectively. IT is there to help, not hinder.
>>  Is it possible to have an alternate set of source downloads that have this
>>  step already performed. Keep in off the main page if you want to and just
>>  post to the list where they are located so that we are the only ones
>>  downloading these "bloated" versions. I do not care how small the download
>>  is if I can not compile Qt it does not help.
>Anyone can do that. We'll be happy to link to them, just as we probably will 
>for the MinGW packages built by third-parties.
>Will you trust those sources, since they are *clearly* modified?
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