[Interest] qmake: questions regarding huge projects

Rainer Wiesenfarth Rainer_Wiesenfarth at trimble.com
Fri Apr 19 14:33:07 CEST 2013

Am 19.04.2013 13:36, schrieb Bo Thorsen:
> On the bright side: Once you have a good cmake build in place, you will
> have the visual studio build done with the same system as Linux. Having
> two different build systems is *not* a good idea.

I know, but we will definitely have two build systems - unless there is 
a cross-platform MSBuild / devenv ... :-)

Our almost exclusive development environment is and will remain Visual 
Studio, so any initial changes to projects or "solutions" are done 
inside VS. Building the software on Linux is done far less often, so 
re-adjusting the build files is a tolerated approach.

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