[Interest] Warnings from Warning:QAccessibleWidget

Etienne Sandré-Chardonnal etienne.sandre at m4x.org
Fri Apr 26 17:38:45 CEST 2013

Hi Jan Arve,

I did not install the wacom drivers, as this is a rather old tablet, it is
recognized by Win7 natively. And it does activate the "Tablet PC Settings"
in the control panel and the in the taskbar tray.

More strangely, the two config.h fit exactly. Also the configure.cache.
The Makefile's have the same number of lines and seem to differ only by

But the dll's clearly differ, as one is giving me warnings, and the other
does not. I will continue by using only the one that does not for
deployments, but that's not intellectually satisfactory :(


2013/4/26 Saether Jan-Arve <Jan-Arve.Saether at digia.com>

>  I don't know how the wacom tablet driver works. If you are not running
> an accessibility client (such as a screen reader), then it seems that the
> wacom tablet driver acts as an accessibility client for some things.****
> (Since you are seeing the warning, there is **something** that acts as an
> accessibility client on your desktop computer with the wacom tablet).****
> AFAIK wacom support is only decided on runtime (depending on wintab32.dll
> could be loaded), so I don't see why the Qt dlls should be different in
> this respect.****
> You can try to diff the two src\corelib\global\config.h from the two Qt
> build you have. If there is a difference, that could maybe point you in the
> right direction.****
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> Jan Arve****
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> Dear all,****
> I have compiled Qt on two Win7-64bit machines, with the same compiler
> (recent mingw32-x64 rubenvb build, same exact version), and the same
> command line options for configure. This is from the same Qt 4.8.1 source.
> ****
> On both machines (a desktop and a laptop) my locally complied app runs
> fine.****
> But when I launch the laptop-compiled app on the desktop, together with
> the laptop-compiled dlls, I get warning messages such as : Warning:QAccessibleWidget::rect:
> This implementation does not support subelements! (ID 2 unknown for
> QMenuBar) whenever I hover the mouse over menus. This is probably related
> to Windows Tablet features enabled on the desktop, as I have a wacom tablet.
> ****
> And if I copy the desktop-compiled QtCore4.dll in the folder with the
> laptop-compiled exes and dll's (an thus overwrite the laptop-compiled
> QtCore4.dll), the warning messages disappear.****
> So it seems that:****
>  - The two QtCore4.dll files are not the same. They were compiled from the
> same Qt source, with the same compiler, and the same compile options****
>  - The dll compiled on the machine with tablet support enabled seems to be
> working well with tablet-enabled systems****
>  - The dll compiled on the machine without tablet support is triggering
> warnings on tablet-enabled systems.****
> How can I force this with compilation options? Are there other
> autodetected things that cause different qt builds when they should be
> identical?
> Thanks,
> Etienne****
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