[Interest] Warnings from Warning:QAccessibleWidget

Saether Jan-Arve Jan-Arve.Saether at digia.com
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I don't know how the wacom tablet driver works. If you are not running an accessibility client (such as a screen reader), then it seems that the wacom tablet driver acts as an accessibility client for some things.
(Since you are seeing the warning, there is *something* that acts as an accessibility client on your desktop computer with the wacom tablet).
AFAIK wacom support is only decided on runtime (depending on wintab32.dll could be loaded), so I don't see why the Qt dlls should be different in this respect.
You can try to diff the two src\corelib\global\config.h from the two Qt build you have. If there is a difference, that could maybe point you in the right direction.

Jan Arve

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Dear all,
I have compiled Qt on two Win7-64bit machines, with the same compiler (recent mingw32-x64 rubenvb build, same exact version), and the same command line options for configure. This is from the same Qt 4.8.1 source.
On both machines (a desktop and a laptop) my locally complied app runs fine.
But when I launch the laptop-compiled app on the desktop, together with the laptop-compiled dlls, I get warning messages such as : Warning:QAccessibleWidget::rect: This implementation does not support subelements! (ID 2 unknown for QMenuBar) whenever I hover the mouse over menus. This is probably related to Windows Tablet features enabled on the desktop, as I have a wacom tablet.
And if I copy the desktop-compiled QtCore4.dll in the folder with the laptop-compiled exes and dll's (an thus overwrite the laptop-compiled QtCore4.dll), the warning messages disappear.
So it seems that:
 - The two QtCore4.dll files are not the same. They were compiled from the same Qt source, with the same compiler, and the same compile options
 - The dll compiled on the machine with tablet support enabled seems to be working well with tablet-enabled systems
 - The dll compiled on the machine without tablet support is triggering warnings on tablet-enabled systems.
How can I force this with compilation options? Are there other autodetected things that cause different qt builds when they should be identical?


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