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> ... As far as I know, all companies except for Apple provide their SDK without a fee. 

Not quite correct: on Mac OS X you get all tools (Xcode) and libraries (iOS frameworks UiKit and the like) for free - "free" as in "the costs of a Mac running a decent version of OS X" (because developing for iOS really means that "you need a Mac").

An iPhone software simulator is also included in Xcode for basic testing.

However it is correct that when you want to deploy on an actual iDevice (via the included Apple proprietary "USB" cable) you need to pay a yearly 99$ license to Apple (that then includes access to the App Store, more developer material such as moderated developer lists and Apple signing your binaries. (I hear the later alone costs more with Microsoft, something around 400$ to get a certificate - can anyone confirm?)

I have no practical experience myself with developing for iOS. However you'd need to get familiar with Objective-C (IMHO it /does/ have some very interesting concepts!), at least when you want to interface with the native user interface/API.

Note that since Obj-C is a superset of C you can even do all your logic in C ;) Or - off course - Obj-C also pretty nicely "mixes" and links with C++ (not to the degree that you can derive a C++ class from an Obj-C class or vice versa, but you can "call" functionality from "the other world" and instantiate C++ objects in Obj-C (and vice versa) quite conveniently. And linking C/C++/Obj-C code together is easy (Qt on Mac does it and qmake has support for linking Obj-C (++) code).

And if you don't like Obj-C I hear Qt is on its way, too ;)


P.S. I found 


which I think gives you a nice and short overview about Obj-C features. Check out "Categories" - cool :)
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