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Hi there,

what about Jolla? The device should come at the end of the year. SDK is available at https://sailfishos.org/


On 04.08.2013, at 19:09, "K. Frank" <kfrank29.c at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello List!
> I am thinking of getting a new smart phone to replace an old blackberry
> that I don't like that much and whose battery is wearing out.
> I am strongly leaning towards an android-based phone, but would be
> open to other suggestions, as well.
> One moderately important criterion for me is to get a phone that I can
> program relatively conveniently, either using Qt, or natively, or both.
> What phones would people recommend it terms of both a good phone
> and a smooth programming experience?
> Also, what tools should I expect to need to program (and load apps onto)
> the phone?  Is it as simple as a computer, an sdk, and a usb cable?  Will
> I need to get any special hardware?  Will I need to pay the phone company
> for the privilege of programming my own phone?
> Thanks for your advice and suggestions.
> (I may also post over on the android-qt group, but let me start here, for now.)
> K. Frank
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