[Interest] Qt Installer Framework: cannot create start menu shortcut on Win7

Jenssen Tim Tim.Jenssen at digia.com
Mon Aug 26 11:45:55 CEST 2013

Hey first: see https://github.com/qtproject/installer-framework/blob/master/examples/startmenu/packages/org.qtproject.ifw.example/meta/installscript.qs

If you compare yours and the small example you can see that we create the operation inside the createOperations method/hook. The reason is that the ui where the user can change the startmenu link location is called after the javascript component constructor.
The createOperations method/hook is called just before the real installation starts.

So your problem is fixed if you use that from the example. 

Further explanation ... your use and the bug https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTIFW-346 created your found unexpected behaviour.
The default value of the startmenu is set after the constructor of the component in fact in the ui and this needs to be changed.

Cheers Tim
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Betreff: [Interest] Qt Installer Framework: cannot create start menu    shortcut on Win7

I followed the Qt Installer Framework Manual, every just worked expect
create start menu shortcut on win7.

The _config.xml_ contains:

and the _installscript.qs_:
        function Component() {
                var programFiles =
                        install.setValue("TargetDir", programFiles +

                if(install.value("os")==="win") {

According to the manual, this should create a group in the start menu
that contain shortcut to my_app, but every time i run the installer
program, it just create a folder called "my_vendor/my_app" contain
shortcut *in where the installer was located*.

Someone would help?
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