[Interest] [meta-qt5] Error running application with linuxfb platform

Stefano Cordibella stefano.cordibella at edalab.it
Thu Dec 12 10:24:43 CET 2013

Hi list,
     I am trying to run a Qt5 application on at91sam9x35 atmel board 
with Yocto (poky dora).
On this environment I am able to run Qt4 application using the embedded 
version of qt4 provided by atmel.
I suppose that the embedded mode use linuxfb platform.

Now I want to build and run applications written in Qt5 on the same 
board, so I try the meta-qt5 layer.
I build the library adding the linuxfb option into the qtbase recipe 

My simple test application use qml, I built and deploy it successfully, 
but when I try to launch it with
# <appname> -platform linuxfb

I get the following error:
This plugin does not support createPlatformOpenGLContext!

And then the application crash.
In my code there aren't any refer to OpenGL and the hardware doesn't 
support OpenGL or OpenGL ES.
I haven't any idea about this error...

Has anyone else used the QT5 in this way?

Thanks in advance,

*Stefano Cordibella*
EDALab s.r.l. - Networked Embedded Systems

Strada Le Grazie, 15 - 37134 Verona - Italy
email : stefano.cordibella at edalab.it
skype : stefano.cordibella
tel. : +39 045 802 70 85
web : www.edalab.it
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