[Interest] What's next for Qt 5.3?

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Close, more about using QObjects and QPROPERTYs to create a object hierarchy which map to slots. 

root = RestObject(NULL);

class O1 : public RestObject {
Q_PROPERTY (QString p1 READ p1)

o1 = O1("o1", root);

GET /o1/p1 (calls O1::p1())

Add QMetaObject magic for mapping query paramters to slot parameters

GET /o1/p1?q1=6 (calls O1::p1(6))
GET /o1/p1?q1=6&q2=7 (calls O1::p1(6,7))

add a PUT/POST for storage:
POST /O1/p2

calls O1::setP2(7)

etc. Basically REST services are object hierarchies, and we do that with QObjects (RestObjects)

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Uhmm, what do you mean by providing REST Services?
Are you talking about a HTTP framework like Rails or Sinatra? Imho such functionality has no place in the default distribution of Qt. You can easily develop that as an addon library. In fact, to develop a basic REST HTTP Server in plain C++ with routes and handlers takes only a couple of hundred lines. With Qt it should be even less.

And can be used like this:

Is that what you have in mind?

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>So now we have mobile off to the races...
>Is anything going to happen with making Qt a better network toolkit? By that I mean SOAP and rest services - and providing those, not just consuming them. Maybe a HTML5 canvas as part of QPA? WebGL for QML?
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