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Dear all,

I just tried the new Qt 5.2 on my mac, but alas, still no "native"
toolbar. I might need to start using qt5 soon, so I'd like to avoid
having the mac extras between my legs.

Is *still* the qt mac extra a requirement for native toolbars?

If so, is there any prospective whatsoever about bringing an end to this
external dependency?

There are two things here that people tend to mix. If you want a native Mac toolbar, i.e. all the features of NSToolbar including the configuration panel and so on, then yes, Qt Mac Extras is the way to go.

Is the native NSToolbar in the 5.2 MacExtras supposed to work?

Because I don't see any documentation, let alone a working example in


and last time I tried to compile an earlier version of MacExtras (from some separate Git repository a couple of weeks ago) it failed to compile.

Sorry, I forgot to clarify that QMacNativeToolBar is also 5.3 material (on review here https://codereview.qt-project.org/73526).

So my thinking was that the "NSToolbar based native toolbar as a MacExtra"-approach had been given up in favour of integrating that code into QWidgets again. But now I understand that there will be two solutions:

* A "look-alike" toolbar (with the same API as QToolbar), planned for 5.3, and enabled with the good old "setUnifiedToolbarOnMac" API

* A "native" NSToolbar based implementation with a "as close as possible QToolbar API" (+ the possibility to use Cocoa specific API calls), implemented and available already now (Qt 5.2) (???)

In other words, I should be able to come up with a native looking (and behaving) toolbar solution already /now/, using the (undocumented?) class in the QMacExtras module of Qt 5.2.

Can anyone confirm this?

The API is still under review as well, so anything you use now will probably break with 5.3. But the implementation is there, albeit private, and it should work.

Best regards,

Dr. Gabriel de Dietrich
Senior Software Engineer

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