[Interest] Something funny. QAccelerometer

Alejandro Exojo aexojo at modpow.es
Thu Dec 19 12:19:18 CET 2013

2013/12/16 Guido Seifert <wargand at gmx.de>:
> I am wondering... how do I test the QAccelerometer? By throwing my desktop machine out
> of the window? ;-)

On a more serious note:

The Qt Simulator was able to change the values returned by some of
those classes, even in a scripted way. For the accelerometers you
might use a desk with wheels, but you will not be that lucky with the
positioning API for example. :)

Anyone knows what happened to this tool? I think not everything was
transfered from Nokia to Digia, or maybe it was discarded by some
reason. Or simply lack of manpower to maintain it.

Alejandro Exojo Piqueras

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