[Interest] Translation support totally broken

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I didn't say in copyright notices :)

I had once worked on a project, where we were putting out 9 versions of the same code...  Using Qt translation made + Qt styles made it a snap

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On quinta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2013 09:30:54, Scott Aron Bloom wrote:
> Another tip.. If you are creating software as an OEM.
> Use %CUSTOMER_NAME%, and %PRODUCT_NAME%, and I have also used it for 
> %COPYRIGHT% in the original C++.
> For instance: QString( "About: %PRODUCT_NAME%.  Copyright %COPYRIGHT% 

This was the Qt license header in later Trolltech days:

** Copyright (C) 1991-$THISYEAR$ $TROLLTECH$
** This file is part of the $MODULE$ module of the Qt Toolkit.

That's one of the reasons why the old history cannot be released.

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