[Interest] OpenGL drivers

Christoph Feck christoph at maxiom.de
Mon Dec 30 15:52:50 CET 2013

On Friday 29 November 2013 13:30:10 Sletta Gunnar wrote:
> Long term, the solution for Qt might be that we bundle a software
> GL implementation (llvmpipe for instance) and switch to that if a
> driver is too problematic for us. Hopefully, we can get by with
> applying workarounds in Qt though.
> So, I'm asking that if you encounter issues with flickering,
> crashes, bad rendering and similar, help us track which things are
> problematic by filing a bugreport on bugreports.qt-project.org

Is there a simple way to stress test Qt's OpenGL support? I have Qt 
stable branch (5.2.0+) installed on my system, but do not have the 
time and expertise to code OpenGL apps, yet I want to help testing it.

Christoph Feck
KDE Quality Team
openSUSE Review Team

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