[Interest] Can I Build Qt5.2 with /MT (/MTd) Options on Windows?

Joe Liu passer.by007gg at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 18:14:36 CET 2013


I am new to this community, and didn't find answers to my question in
archinves, so hope I can ask for help here.

I wish to compile Qt5.2 with /MT (multi-threaded) option (vc2010), so that
the Qt GUI dll can work with our own project (also with /MT option).

So is there any simple way by setting options for the 'configure' command?

PS. Our current configure command is:
*%BUILD_ROOT%\source\configure.bat -prefix %BUILD_ROOT%\install -debug
-skip qtwebkit -skip qtsvg -skip qtconnectivity -skip qtsensors -skip
qtandroidextras -skip qtmacextras -skip qtx11extras -opengl desktop -mp*

Any help will be appreciated! Thanks.

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