[Interest] WebView pressGrabTime

Bo Thorsen bo at fioniasoftware.dk
Thu Feb 21 16:54:34 CET 2013

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with a WebView in Flickable. No matter what 
WebView.pressGrabTime is set to, the Flickable still gets the mouse 
events after this time. I can see that when trying to select text, I can 
select a single char or so, before the Flickable grabs the mouse and 
scrolls instead of allowing the select. I have tried experimenting with 
different values for WebView.pressGrabTime and Flickable.pressDelay. No 
difference at all.

Is there a trick I missed? Or is this pretty much impossible to do 
right? What have you chosen to do with WebView?

This is a desktop application written in QML running Qt 4.8.4 on 
Windows, and some of the web pages shown in the browser are HTML forms.

I haven't tried the desktop components, and I don't think this is an 
option. The application is in the last debugging stages before production.

Bo Thorsen.

Fionia Software - Qt experts for hire.

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