[Interest] Debugging on Mac OS X

Paul Floyd paulf at free.fr
Sat Feb 23 18:29:31 CET 2013


I'm trying to build and run an app that a colleague wrote, without too much success. It works OK on Linux (and Windows, but I'm not certain of that).

I have
Mac OS X 10.6.8
XCode 4.0
clang 3.2
Qt 4.8.4 built with whatever compiler it chooses by default, probably GCC 4.2
Qt 5.0.1 built with clang 3.2, release only

With Qt 4.8.4 and g++ 4.2, it crashes in the call to QApplication::exec() with an abort(). Even with the debug version of Qt, I can't step into this code. Any ideas how I can debug this problem?

In the Qt 5 version of the same code (hastily ported), I get a lockup earlier, in a call to QFileDialog::getExistingDirectory. The callstack contains


The file dialog won't be dismissed with either OK or Cancel, but Command-Q does close the application. Again, any ideas what might be wrong?


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